Power Dekor laminate flooring installation & maintenance guide

Please note, this installation guide is for laminate flooring ONLY. We have professional installers that can assist you with your solid timber and bamboo flooring installation.
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Laminate floor installation step 01
step 1

Check all boards for possible damages before installation. Ensure that the floor is leveled.

Laminate floor installation step 02
step 2

Start installing the first row of board in the left-hand corner of the room with grooved sizes of the boards facing the wall. Spacers must be used to allow 10mm expansion between board and wall each side.

Laminate floor installation step 03
step 3

Fit the boards in the first row together by tapping with a hammer & tapping block. If the piece left over from the first row is more 200mm, use it to start the next row. Press the first two rows together using the hammer & tapping block.

Laminate floor installation step 04
step 4

You can lay board after board, row and row. The last board of each row is installed in the collect position using a pull bar.

Laminate floor installation step 05
step 5

When laying the floor compeleted, skirting should be fixed on the wall on top of the floor. It must not be fixed to the floor itself, this allows the expansion of floor around the wall and ending edge.

Click here to check out the range of laminate floors that we have to offer.
Power Dekor laminate floor installation guide

Power DeKor flooring maintenance guide

  • Door matt is recommended on both inside and outside exterior doors.
  • Lay rugs in high-traffic areas.
  • Furniture leg protector is necessary.
  • Lift furniture when being moved.
  • Use vacuum cleaner and well wrung mop to remove grit or dirt.
  • Never use abrasive cleaning materials.